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There have been reports of stock market and broker
fraud in current news sources while the U.S. stock market
plummets under the weight of almost weekly revelations
chronicling blue chip conglomerates' "cooked books".
Greedy corporate executives reined this financial terror
with the knowledgeable assistance of previously respected
brokerage houses, prestigious Wall Street stock investement
advisors and analysts, and well known major accounting firms.
Institutional and individual investors (that are alike many of the
individual investors now laid off employees of the defunct
or downsized corporations perpetrating the fraud) suffered
catastrophic losses as their investments, retirement accounts,
and dreams disintegrated.

Previously well respected professional financial advisors and
brokerage houses, Solomon Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch,
are suspected of committing the most errant offenses. They
shirked and perhaps totally ignored their fiduciary duty of
protecting clients' investments. Accusers base their
allegations on internal documents that reveal Smith Barney
and Merrill Lynch financial advisors recommended, and even
touted, stocks they themselves knew were of little or no
value. These actions served to push up the worthless
stocks' market prices, while these same advisors were
collecting monetary and business benefits for themselves.

Unfortunately, the list of guilty parties does not stop with
Solomon Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. Worldcom, Enron
Corp., Global Crossing Ltd., Tyco International Ltd., and
Adelphia Communications corporate executives, seemingly in
collusion with their professional accounting firms, caused
catastrophic financial harm and physical stress to shareholders
and employees who helplessly watched their lifetime investments
and 401K funds evaporate into rubble.

If you suspect that you have been involved in a Securities Fraud
case we urge you to give us your contact information so
that we can look into your case on a personal basis.

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