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Garrett Law Office is experienced in assisting the public in
insurance disputes. If you have made a claim with your own insurance
company and they have unreasonably denied your claim or offered
you an unreasonable low offer to settle the claim you may have a case
against the insurance company. In Oklahoma, your own insurance
company has a duty to deal fairly and in good faith with you. The types
of insurance claims can apply to are:

· Automobile uninsured/underinsured claims
· Automobile medical payments claims
· Automobile property damage claims
· Homeowner's policy claims
· Disability insurance claims
· Medical insurance claims
· Life insurance claims

Workers compensation claims, where the insurer fails to pay a
final court award. While your insurance company has a duty to deal
fairly with you, you, as an insured have the duty to cooperate with your
insurance company. Without your cooperation they cannot make a fair
evaluation of your claim. You should, for example, if applicable:
provide the company with authorizations to obtain the documents
and information they need allow your statement to be taken
accurately provide them with facts about the occurrence at issue

You should not, however:

sign any documents or releases that release your claim or
accept any sums of money from the insurance company that might
release your claim. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your
insurance company, you should contact our office. We will evaluate the
facts and determine if you have a case.

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