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Workers' Compensation Statutes

Worker compensation is a form of insurance that almost all
employers are required to carry to compensate their workers
for job related injuries. Any injury or illness that is employment
related is generally within the meaning of a workers' compensation
injury. An injured employee is eligible for benefits regardless of
fault, although he or she must demonstrate that the injury is
job-related. To be eligible for benefits, the employee must have
been at higher risk for the injury because he or she was at work.
In all cases, the goal of worker's compensation is to return the
employee to his or her job as soon as possible. While a third party
can be sued, an employer who provides appropriate worker's
compensation is legally protected.

If you have a job-related injury and your employer is denying you
your rightful worker's compensation benefits, please call us at
1-800-256-9400 or fill out the form below.

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