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Nursing home abuse generally refers to elder abuse, or the abuse,
exploitation, or neglect of elderly persons. There are three basic
categories of elderly abuse:

Institutional Abuse- Abuse caused by someone
who is paid to provide care for the elderly, such
as a nursing home or other care facility

Domestic Abuse- Abuse caused by a spouse, child,
caregiver, or other relative residing with the elderly.

Self-Neglect- Abuse caused by an elderly person
endangering his or her own safety or well being,
excluding situations where a conscious decision
was made by the elderly person to do so.

Elderly Abuse can take many forms:

Physical Abuse- physical injuries to an elderly
person by their custodians, or those responsible for
their care. Some examples include physical assault,
sexual abuse, deprivation of basic necessities such
as food, water, or medication, and unnecessary
physical restraint.

Emotional or Psychological Abuse- causing mental
distress or suffering to an elderly person. Some
examples include verbal threats, isolation from
loved ones, and humiliation.

Financial Abuse- theft or misappropriation of an
elderly person's money, property, or assets. Some
examples include physical theft of property,
unauthorized check cashing, or the abuse of one's
power of attorney or guardianship

Neglect- failure to uphold one's duties or obligations
to an elderly person. Examples include failure to
provide physical necessities, such as food, water, or

Abandonment- desertion of and elderly person by
the designated caregiver. Example include leaving an
elderly person in a park, supermarket, hospital, or
some other public place

Self-Neglect- denial of basic necessities by the
elderly person themselves.

If you or a member of your family has experienced any abuse listed
above, please call (800) 256 9400, or submit your claim on-line
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